Producing and composing music


Producing music (music producer)

Producing music (music producer) can mean a lot of different things. Usually it involves music that was composed by others and has not been recorded yet. The creators of the music would like to deliver a professional product and they need some help in achieving that. This can be both technical and artistic help, because today a music producer is first and foremost a good studio technician who knows what a studio is and how to work in it. And his musical experience gives him the ability to also take the artistic lead and contribute to the musical aspect of the production. In practice, the producer usually has a great influence on the arrangement and song structure because he has a clear vision of the musical goals he wants to achieve. Ideally, a good producer lifts the musicians beyond themselves.

During my training in the Netherlands I followed workshops with renowned music producers such as Tony Visconti (producer of DAVID Bowie) and George Martin (The Beatles) and I have seen many other music producers at work in different studios over the years. So I have a pretty good idea about how music producers work and in the past I have produced many starting artists and helped them with their CD recordings and first steps in the music industry. But a music producer only gets renowned if his productions also prove to be a success and this is something no one can control, success in the music business is still as rare as winning the lottery. Because what do you do when suddenly the record company goes bankrupt and they own the recordings? Or the band has been split on disagreements before the CD is finished? Or the lead singer of a band is suddenly admitted in psychiatry for a long period of time? Or the husband of a female singer suddenly states that his wife has to leave the music business? These are examples that I have seen happening... how good or how bad my work as a producer may have been is of no importance then.

In any case, producing music for an artist happens on a project basis and only starts when I find it worthwhile to throw in my knowledge and experience and connect my name to the career of someone else. It also has to work out on a personal level with the artist or band + the genre of music and the songs should obviously be interesting to me. More information about my favourite genres of music can be found on the web page



Composing original music

My career in the music industry began as a composer and Delta Music Belgium has grown from my little home studio with synthesizers and the first computers in the 80s. I've always composed music, on the one hand to satisfy my own artistic urge and for my own satisfaction, on the other hand also for other artists and I have composed a lot of music for pictures.

Among others I was a composer for the Belgian Army (instruction and recruitment films), for many years I was the permanent resident composer for Agfa-Gevaert (company presentations and instructional films) and I have written a lot of music for animated movies, graduation movies of students at film schools and educational movies for non-profit organizations.

As with the production of music for artists it also has to work out on a personal level with the client and I set as my main condition that I want full artistic freedom. My specialty is writing music that is completely in sync with picture, which is usually the case with music for animated movies.

For writing and making music, I obviously have my entire studio available with all musical instruments that are present. But if the budget permits, I can also work with hired musicians.

The mixing and mastering is done in the Pro Tools | HDX Control Room and can be executed in stereo and 5.0 surround. Music is always mixed 5.0 surround because 5.1 surround is reserved for film and video.

But basically my music can be recorded, mixed and mastered anywhere in the world, depending on whether or not the budget to do so is available




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