Individual training for Pro Tools and Logic Pro


What is there to learn?

I am active with music and MIDI since the early 80s. In my Curriculum vitae you can read about how I started, what equipment and music software I used + an overview of how far I have come since then. In summary, it means that I started in the period when MIDI and music software were invented, that I took the necessary technical and musical training and that since then I'm working with audio and music at a professional level.

I have accompanied many professional users of Pro Tools and Logic Pro on their first steps with this DAW's because for many years I did pre-sales demonstrations, technical installations and after-sales support for Millsaudio in Antwerp, at that time one of the main dealers of Pro Tools and Logic Pro in the Benelux.

Therefore I have a lot of knowledge and experience and I have always held principle that knowledge is not to be protected but should be shared. Il also provided private lessons for many years and I provided training for sound engineers for the VDAB (Flemish employment service). And what can I teach you precisely? Basically all I know, except for a few professional secrets.

This is a limited list of what I can teach you:

What you can't learn with me:

Trainings can be provided in Dutch, English and French


Trainings are always lessons in a private context. I will never organize courses for groups of people that you can subscribe to and  attend at a regular basis as with lessons in a school. I believe in the personal approach, because I know from experience that everyone has different needs and it is difficult to integrate this in courses for groups.

Furthermore, the principle is very simple: you ask something and I'll explain it as well as possible. Would you like me to explain MIDI, then I will talk about MIDI, would you like me to explain EQ and compression, then that will the subject, etc...

It goes without saying that for a Pro Tools and / or Logic Pro training you must at least have a thorough basic knowledge of these DAWs and it's best to also have your own hardware and software.

I set as my main condition that trainings take place in one or more blocks of 4 hours. So you can book one block of 4 hours today and book another block of 4 hours at a later date. During that one block of 4 hours the subject can be changed easily, because as already stated: you ask something and I'll explain it as well as possible.

The prices charged are the same as for renting studio time.

It is also possible to give training on location, for example in your (home) studio and the prices charged are the same as for training in my studio. I will only charge additional expenses for transportation to the location. I expect to be picked up and to be dropped at the train station. Here also the booking must be one block of 4 hours.

FYI: if the training goes smoothly, then it can sometimes happen that 4 hours become 5 hours for the same price, because usually I have not even noticed that I'm actually already training for 5 hours :-)




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