Audio recording in the studio


Recording Room

The Recording Room has an area of 21 m² and here the main sound recordings take place. When the studio is empty there is room for 4 musicians to make music together in a very comfortable way, but theoretically there is enough place for 8 musicians, for example to record vocal groups. The room sounds very good and was acoustically treated. There are no annoying reflections, but the space is not completely acoustically dead ether by the selective use of cedar and randomly placed quartz natural stones. This keeps all upper harmonics present in the room, this is very important when recording acoustic string instruments

Roland V-Drums Room + Vocal Booth

The Vocal Booth has an area of 10 m² and was acoustically treated, but specifically for recording voices, so this room can also be used as a Vocal Booth. There were no randomly placed quartz natural stones used and much less cedar, making the room sound drier than the Recording Room. One side of the room has soundproof glazing towards the garden with curtains, which allows the room to sound less dry by opening the curtains

Pro Tools | HDX Control Room

Also in the Pro Tools | HDX Control Room very good audio recordings can be made, because the room is also acoustically treated, at least as good as the Recording Room. The area is 33 m², of which about 3 m² is free to place musicians in

Audio recording in the studio

In summary, you could say that in any of the 3 rooms a musician can take place, a microphone can be placed and a sound recording can be made in good acoustic conditions.

Technically the sound recordings are always digital with Pro Tools | HDX and only very high quality sound equipment is being used, the majority of which is regarded as a worldwide reference.

With the exception of certain sound recordings of classical music we always make multi track recordings. All instruments are recorded separately and synchronously with each other, whether or not played together, or each instrument is recorded separately. This method has the advantage that in this way errors can be corrected without having to play all over again.

As far as it is still necessary to note: 192 separate audio tracks can be recorded, if this were not enough, then my old Pro Tools|24 MIX still can be used to get 64 additional digital audio tracks. The recording quality is 16 or 24 bit with a sampling frequency of 44.1 or 48 kHz (= CD quality), 88.2 or 96 kHz (= HD quality) or 176,4 or 192 kHz (is actually only used for archiving key sound recordings and recordings of exclusive classical music)

Which genres of music can be recorded?

Basically all genres of music are welcome, but of course I have my preferences and specialties + I take the liberty to choose what work I agree to do.

More information on which genres of music can be recorded can be found on the page






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